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Ubisoft: "Watch Dogs is our next big brand"

Watch Dogs 2 pretty much a given, then

We were blown away by the first footage of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs at E3 this year. Turns out Ubisoft's bigwigs were, too. That Watch Dogs 2 domain registration? It's probably more than just an IP-protecting measure.

"As soon as we started showing our results to upper management they were like 'this is our next big brand'," producer Dominic Guay told OXM in an interview you'll read alongside our massive Watch Dogs preview in issue 88, which you should BUY IMMEDIATELY or regret not doing so till your dying day.


"We've had it about every four years, with Splinter Cell, then Assassin's Creed, those big new brands, and Ubisoft want us to continue doing that," he continued. "We love our brands now, and making these awesome sequels, but you need to bring something new to the table every once in a while, to surprise the player and push the envelope.

"So we're grabbing this chance to be considered as a brand already before we ship our first game, and to get that amount of support behind us is awesome."

For a taste of the aforesaid preview, check out this Watch Dogs gameplay exposť.