Power levelling: the nine sexiest RPG classes

Matt goes over his favourite character builds

Role-playing games are more freeform today than ever before, but that's come at a cost. Over the past ten years I've noticed a gentle slide away from character classes, with an emphasis on building whatever character you like.

On paper it's a great solution, but something special gets lost in the process. Here are nine of the best or most memorable RPG classes, excluding more obvious choices like the fun but generic Warriors and Paladins. I've probably forgotten an absolute corker, so feel free to let me know in the comments below.

1. Sorcerer - Dragon's Dogma

Plenty of other games have worn the badge, but only Dragon's Dogma nails this one with style. After many hours of training up your magical skills, the Sorcerer class opens up a whole new world of utterly ridiculous stuff to do. Skyrim's magic is a bit of a laugh, but you can't beat the ability to whip up a whirlwind that's a hundred feet high. Meteor strikes from the sky are a bonus.

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