Metal Gear Solid 5 is Project OGRE, "first images" confirm

Update: Lies. ALL LIES.

Handle this one with care, but somebody's snapped what they're calling the first images of Metal Gear Solid 5 in motion. Well, the first images of Metal Gear Solid 5's title sequence in motion.

Update: Konami's Twitter heroes have been in touch to say it's all cobblers. "Seriously, just in case the ‪#pinch‬ ‪#salt‬ hashtags weren't enough - the chap who claims to have set up the fake rumours has been in touch." Panic ogre then.


Original story: The sequence in question reveals that Metal Gear Solid 5 is, indeed, the mysterious Project OGRE, and that "OGRE" stands for "Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors". Sexy stuff! Below the title, a characteristically ineffable postscript reads: "the moment we were cast out of heaven, we became monsters."

Another screen notes that "a paradise is born of the bloodstained Earth", and polishes off with a couple of utterly opaque lines of dialogue. "Would she have wanted this?" asks one unknown speaker. "That doesn't matter now," rejoins another. Quite, quite.

What do you make of it? Sounds like an open-world post-apocalyptic exploration game if you ask me, but I am But A Man. Series bossman Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 5 will run on the new FOX engine and suggested that it may learn from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

As for platforms, here are five reasons Metal Gear Solid 5 will appear on Xbox.