Gearbox: Brothers in Arms now "very different", won't talk about it until 2013

Furious Four might be getting a bit quieter

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has confirmed that the company is still working on the new Brothers in Arms game, but it "won't be talking about it for some time" and the game has "evolved quite a lot" since we last saw it at E3 last year.

"We haven't been talking about [Brothers in Arms] and we won't for some time," he told Digital Spy. "I wouldn't expect us to be talking about that until either before or after Aliens ships. It's evolved quite a lot, and it's seems like it's going to evolve some more, so we won't be talking about it again until we know what it's evolving into."

"Because when we talk about it again, it'll seem very different, and so we want to see where it gets to, because we're not sure how different it's going to get, but we're having a lot of fun with that. It's exciting to us, but again, it's just too confusing to talk about it."

Definitely with him on the last point. We actually really like Furious Four, which ditched the po-faced seriousness of the previous games in favour of a nonsensical Inglorious Basterds-style take on WW2, but others were less keen.

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In a separate interview with CVG, he admitted that he "might come around to talk about Furious Four between the releases of Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines," but "certainly won't before the release of Borderlands 2." Maybe it's one for the Christmas card.