id Software hints at DOOM 4, Rage 2 announcements

"We have a few things that we may announce soon"

Id Software's making some games you don't know about! And whatever they are, they've got something to do with DOOM and Rage. Let us all marvel at this Game Reactor interview, in which studio director Tim Willits hums and hedges his way around the topic like a man trying to wince his interviewer out of existence.

The interviewer, by the way, is Gillen McAllister, one of OXM's many worthwhile steps along the road to the Edwin-O-Tron 4500, news-giving apparatus without equal. But enough of egotism. What's all this about DOOM 4, Willits? Is it possible you're releasing a new version of DOOM 3 to pave the way for the sequel? "I can't say for sure, but if we were, it would be a great time to do this."


Because not everybody's up to speed with DOOM nowadays, are they Willits. It's that Call of Duty that's to blame. "Yes, and again, everyone's heard of DOOM but not everyone's played the entire catalogue. This is priced well, it's got a lot of great content, we have new content, and really the response has been great. I'm excited for it."

And Rage? What's going on with Rage? Tim appears to be on firmer ground here. "We have a few things that we may announce soon, but I'm not sure. We haven't forgotten about the title, and as soon as we have more news, we will definitely announce it."

"We're building our tech team to take advantage of the trends that are shaping up, especially the social aspect of gaming that's just exploding - the mobile aspect, that's just exploding," he added. "We're trying to structure our engineering team, our core tech team, to prepare for the future."

DOOM 4 is going to be a mobile and/or Facebook game, isn't it. You'd do that to us, wouldn't you, Willits? You'd do that to us.

Look everybody, rumoured DOOM 4 screenshots! Quiet news day today, isn't it?