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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 video: one whole hour of pre-release gameplay footage

Bespin, Speeder races, Darth Vader and the Death Star

What are you doing for the next hour? Eating, working, conversing with associates? No you're not. You're going to watch this enormous Star Wars: Battlefront 3 prototype gameplay video with us, before somebody's legal teams yank it off the face of the internet.

Captured and edited by Past to Present Online, the video shows Galactic Conquest mode, the Cloud City map on Bespin, Speeder races, an assault on the Death Star and Darth Vader, dicing fools with his super-extendible glow stick. It clocks in at just under an hour.


Discussing the long-dead (or is it?) Battlefront 3's rise and fall in April, Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis accused LucasArts of "effectively [canning] a game that was finished" - a game that "had been in final QA for half of 2008, it was just being fixed for release".

We're hard-pressed to call the below "finished", but all the ingredients seem to be there. Including pilotable X-Wings and Boba Fett. You're too good for this world, Boba!

Here are six ways LucasArts could make Battlefront an AAA franchise, assuming it ever gets off its arse and polishes the thing off.