Is Xbox 720's real name Xbox 8?

Microsoft DNS complaint hints at next gen handle

Microsoft's next generation Xbox probably won't be called "Xbox 720", despite noise to that effect in leaked design materials, and the codename "Durango" is almost certainly no more than a codename. We doubt it'll be called "Xbox 360 2", whatever Google Trends would like to believe, and while a number-less "Xbox" would make sense given the spread of the brand, "Xbox" also sounds dangerously old-gen in comparison to - oh, I don't know, "PlayStation 4".


But Xbox 8? Xbox 8 has a gentle ring of logic to it. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are out at the end of the year, for one thing, and Microsoft has just filed complaints against the China-based owner of and, for another.

Spotted by Fusible, the complaints also cover "", "", and "". According to one set of case materials, the manufacturer contends that the respondent's domain names "are confusingly similar" to the Xbox mark.

It's possible this is no more than the usual pre-emptive DNS land-grabbing, but still - Xbox 8. Try it on for size.