Dishonored ranges "from a casual experience to a demanding challenge"

Arkane explains the inner workings of stealth

The Bethblog's carrying a few snippets from Arkane Studios bossmen Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, describing what their forthcoming open world steampunk 'em up Dishonored adds to the time-honoured practice of confuzzling AI guards.

"In Dishonored, stealth is occlusion-based, meaning it's mostly based on enemy view cone and hiding behind objects or architecture," the pair wrote. "At a significant distance, lighting is also a factor."

There's a Lean feature which allows you to size up foes without alerting them. "If Corvo is hidden behind something, he can lean out to see ahead, eavesdrop, and observe the situation. As long as Corvo's body is hidden, enemies up ahead will not see him.


"Dishonored also allows players to peep through keyholes, and the game has a Dark Vision power that can be obtained. Dark Vision displays enemies and their view cones through walls, and it features an abstract representation of the sounds the player makes."

Game designer Dinga Bakaba had a few words to add about Dishonored's challenge factor. "Dishonored features four levels of difficulty, ranging from a casual experience to a demanding challenge.

"The main factors affected by difficulty are enemy perception, damage and responsiveness, as well as health and mana potion potency. Easy also causes part of your health to regenerate over time."

For more on Dishonored's stealth systems, and specifically how the magic, gadgetry and acrobatics swirl together into a delicious gameplay trifle, read our last Dishonored preview.