Half-Life 3 artworks are real, claim Valve mods - new Half-Life to visit Xen?

Community pillars insist leaked materials are "legit"

Those suspected Half-Life 3 artworks we published yesterday? They appear to be one hundred per cent, solid gold truth. Half-Life fanatics have traced the materials to a Picasa album owned by Valve artist Andrea Wicklund, created in mid-March 2008.

The album has since been removed, but not before watchful fansite Lambda Generation downloaded the contents. Volunteer moderators over at the Steam forums have also asserted the legitimacy of the shots.


"I know who the source is, but I'm not going to give it away just yet for exclusivity reasons," wrote Smash. "Well, tis legit," chimed in his comrade Oscar Sierra. "Awesomes. Hats off to for the scoop. I wonder will Valve officially comment on these pictures?"

"These are real," he added later. "Now keep in mind it is only concept art - but what has been posted are not fake."

Assuming the concept art does reflect the unannounced game's content, there are some interesting implications. Extra-dimensional ones, rather. "Xen" appears in several of the original file-names, which suggests that the next Half-Life may take us back to that funky plane of reality the G-Man calls home.

Click the image to skip through the leaked images in full. More as it comes.