Minecraft Xbox 360 update: 4J hints at Joanna Dark skin, possible server rentals

"I wonder how Joanna Dark would look as a skin..."

4J's been dribbling out Minecraft Xbox 360 update information at a slow but steady rate, like a Minecraft player hacking his way to Australia. Here's the latest: skin packs will be "enabled" alongside the hotly anticipated 1.7.3 update for subsequent release, and they're looking at introducing rentable servers.

"Discussions so far are around a rental," the developer Tweeted this week, when a fan asked whether lifetime server ownership would be possible. You can buy our own Minecraft server off us anytime you like, 4J fans. The bidding starts at 1000 diamonds, two cakes and a pickaxe - a real one, that Matt can use to tunnel to work.


Other future Minecraft Xbox 360 features will include: additional music discs and wheat that attracts animals (slated for drop in beta update 1.2.3). 4J's also considering releasing new Minecraft texture packs once it's done with update 1.8.2, aka The Hard One.

As for skin packs, "plan is to enable skin pack DLC with it, and release packs after it comes out. 40+ skins per pack." Nice. 4J also had this, tantalising nugget to add when a fan broached the studio's work on Rare's Perfect Dark franchise. "Thanks! I wonder how Joanna Dark would look as a skin..."

There will be trial versions of skin packs, with a selection of skins unlocked. And that's your wrap - find more details of the forthcoming 1.7.3 update here. Built anything swish in Minecraft lately?