Leaked "Xbox 720" document is "genuine" - next gen developer

"But should not be considered totally reliable"

Achievement unlocked: next generation Xbox features confirmed. The only question is, which features? Speaking to CVG, a purported Xbox 720 developer has claimed that design materials leaked online earlier this week are "genuine but should not be considered totally reliable".

Microsoft has already helped that particular idea along, of course - the manufacturer sent takedown warnings to sites carrying the doc yesterday, on the grounds that they're "offering unlicensed copies of" or "engaged in other unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted works published by Microsoft".

Dated 2010, the doc outlines an "Xbox 720" console that's four to six times as powerful as Xbox 360, equipped with a Blu-ray drive, augmented reality glasses, Xbox SmartGlass features and an expanded, upgraded Kinect. It'll retail for $299 in the US, supposedly, and launch in holiday 2013.

Speaking to OXM under conditions of strict anonymity, a development insider commented: "there's no way in high hell Microsoft will call the next generation Xbox "Xbox 720", or my name's not Matt Lees". More as we get it.