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London 2012: The Olympic Games

Limbering you up for the real deal

It's reassuring that the publisher that has actually splashed out for the official Olympic license has actually spent some money on making the best multi-sport game this year. Compared to 49 Games' unofficial attempts, this comes away looking like the most accomplished game on the planet.

Marvel at the fact it doesn't play like a smashed piano! Gasp at how the athletes look like actual human beings! Gaze in awe at the usable interface! In reality, it's just a decent sports game. Some events are better than others, but none of them make you want to destroy something beautiful. Highlights include a reasonably engaging recreation of table tennis, dramatic white-water kayaking and the slightly incongruous 25m Rapid Fire Pistol - we had no idea first-person shooting had become an Olympic sport.


Olympic mode allows you to progress along the schedule of the games itself, picking two sports per day to compete in. While none of the real athletes are there, there's an athlete editor so you can attempt for closer approximations if you want. It's all suitably entertaining, even more so if you rope in some friends.

But ultimately it's still a collection of relatively shallow events competing against other sports games, such as FIFA, that have the luxury of offering vast depth within a single sport. As a result even though this is the best multi-sport game we've played in an age, it still feels more like a platter of hors d'oeuvres than a gut-filling steak dinner.

The verdict

Sega put five rings on it, and we like it

Xbox 360