Bulletstorm, Gears developer wants to make a Skyrim-style game

"The thing that I am personally interested in is the joy of discovery"

Deep inside People Can Fly's gnarled, bullet-pocked carapace, there beats the heart of an adventurer. The Bulletstorm studio is best known for corridor fights and ludicrously inventive, ludicrously macho weapons, and that's entirely reflected in the forthcoming Gears of War: Judgment, a "significantly more challenging" prequel co-developed with Epic. But creative director Adrian Chmielarz dreams of something... broader.

"It is actually very hard, because once you are successful with a shooter, like we were initially with Painkiller, then nobody wants anything else from you," he told Game Informer in an interview, as spotted by Beefjack. "Actually, there is this action-adventure game that we really, really want to do. Everybody's like: 'That's very interesting. Do you have any shooters?'


"As much as I love shooters, I know I and the other guys in the studio want to go for something else at one point," Chmielarz went on. "The thing that I am personally interested in is the joy of discovery, the joy of exploration.

"You discover these [story fragments] and you connect them the way you want to, and you have your own unique experiences within the world, just like you have when you play Skyrim. These are the kind of worlds we want to offer."

We sincerely hope you get the opportunity, Adrian. Hmm. Skyrim with Bulletstorm's guns. I think I just came.

People Can Fly's unlikely to get a shot at Bulletstorm 2 for the moment, but project lead Tanya Jessen has a laundry list of things she'd like to implement, including more accessible Skillshots and a beefier Echo mode.