Microsoft details Kinect-SmartGlass crossover game, Homerun Stars

"It takes two great technologies and couples them"

Speaking to OXM, Microsoft's senior global marketing manager Peter Orullian has detailed the forthcoming Homerun Stars, an Xbox Live Arcade game that merges Kinect motion control with SmartGlass-enabled touchscreen gameplay.

It's hardly the stuff that next generation dreams are made of, but it's further proof that SmartGlass isn't just a fuss-free way of surfing Wikipedia for amusing Sean Bean factoids while you watch Game of Thrones.


"There's another game we're shipping called Homerun Stars, it's an Arcade title, and it actually integrates Kinect," Orullian divulged. "With SmartGlass you'll be able to pitch or bat, and it's not just tapping a button, you'll articulate how that pitch goes into the batter.

"Someone stands in front of Kinect and hits, you can reverse that, and the person on SmartGlass can bat. It takes two great Microsoft technologies and couples them."

Keep them coming, Peter. Here are 10 ways Smartglass could rock the world of videogames.

UPDATE: Twitter user Braggy draws our attention to this rather auspicious video, from February 2011. Evidently, SmartGlass has been on the boil for a while.

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