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Aliens: Colonial Marines story is "10-plus hours long", mixes horror, action and exploration

Gearbox touts "the sequel to James Cameron's Aliens"

Aliens: Colonial Marines will span a respectable 10 hours minimum, according to Gearbox design director John Mulkey, and if you're worrying that it'll be one long parade of nukes from orbit, think again.

"We want to make sure we have quite a variety of experiences," Mulkey told Player Attack. "There will be crazy action, blowing things up with a Pulse Rifle, and there's also the scary as hell, straight out of Alien, 'I'm being hunted' feel, and then there's exploration and discovery, that kind of thing.


"We have a very strong narrative, but we're trying to ensure it's laced into the actual gameplay itself, the motivations of the player, and your interaction with your squadmates," he added. "We want to avoid just having story in a cinematic, and then there's gameplay, and then there's story in a cinematic - that kind of stuff.

"We want to make sure that it's all integrated, a really active experience. I get to go live [the life of a] Colonial Marine in the sequel to James Cameron's Aliens."

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