Unlikely "Xbox 720" design doc pulled by lawyers

2013 release, Blu-ray support, Kinect 2 "leaked" by 56-page presentation

Have you got your salt shaker? Season this webpage liberally before reading on. A 56 page PowerPoint presentation that supposedly details Microsoft's next generation Xbox console hit the internets over the weekend.

Allegedly written in 2010, the paper claims that the "Xbox 720" will be four to six times as powerful as Xbox 360, retail for $299 in the US and launch in holiday 2013. The hardware will also, we're told, support Blu-ray, augmented reality glasses, Xbox SmartGlass functionality and "Kinect 2".

OXM sage Jonty has perused the doc in full, and deems the tone and presentation highly suspect. It could be little more than a plausibly packaged collection of existing Xbox 720 rumours. Indeed, there's very little here that should surprise you if you've been following our news updates over the past 12 months.


If the document in itself proves nothing, however, Microsoft's reaction might. Originally published on Scribd (and now mirrored on GI), the brief has now been removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP, the international law firm who advised Microsoft over its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype in May last year. C&B recently negotiated a patents purchasing agreement between the Xbox manufacturer and Facebook.

Where there's smoke there's fire? We'll ask around.