Gears of War: Judgment screenshots: are Kilo Squad more than macho caricatures?

People Can Fly epic introduces new faces, newer versions of old faces

Gears of War: Judgment character renders and bios have stomped onto Game Informer, revealing a cast that's equal parts dudebro cliché and something a little more interesting.

Future Delta Squad stalwart Damon Baird is as sarky as you'd expect, but he's apparently more naive and idealistic, and the iconic Cole Train is still getting over the demise of his Thrashball career. Potential for some psycho-drama, methinks.


And then there are polar opposites Sofia Hendricks and Garron Paduk - she a former correspondent who believes war should be fought humanely, he a veteran of the Pendulum Wars who learned his trade killing the soldiers he now calls allies. Finally, you've got the obligatory by-the-book authority figure Ezra Loomis. He has a silly mustache.

People Can Fly surprised many with Bulletstorm's narrative - it was a complex and even stirring beast, despite all the extended meditations about dicks. Hopefully, Judgment will prove just as startling.

Here's what we know so far about the gameplay: it offers a Bulletstorm-worthy degree of volatility, and it's so bloody hard they had to change the controls.