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MW3 Collection Pack 2

Dig out those extra pads, It's split-screen time

This latest chunk of new stuff for Call of Duty signals another interesting shift for the franchise, which you can expect to see more of in the next game. Nuketown - the cosy kill-zone that Black Ops fans loved - seems to have inspired a new game mode. Face Off launched early last month, and Collection Pack 2 brings the number of dedicated maps up to four. Focusing on 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles, these cosy little killzones are perfect for a bit of split-screen revival.

Lookout is a miniature dusty village with some great sniping points for those brave enough to risk them, while Getaway is almost too gorgeous to discharge a weapon in. This luxury beach-chalet is full of cool stuff to look at, and you're never more than 20 feet away from somebody new to shoot - proving the old adage that people who live in glass houses shouldn't invest in light machine guns.

Someone found the best sniping spot. Then we found him.

The traditionally-sized maps on offer aren't a bad bunch either, adding another three levels to the multiplayer playlist. Foundation takes a minimalist industrial-themed approach that reminds us of maps like Quarry and Rust from Modern Warfare 2, while Sanctuary offers something a bit more organic; woodwork structures and eroded cobblestone create a map that offers a great blend of close-quarters-combat and long range opportunities, and also features a massive tree. Usually we don't get distracted by plants, but this one really is an absolute corker.

The best of the bunch is Oasis, a posh Middle-Eastern hotel complex full of corridors, courtyards, and shining surfaces. This map has a lot in common with the Hotel level from Black Ops, and provides a real treat for fans of modes like Domination, with plenty of pillars and balconies favouring tactical progression over rush-tactics or camping.

The Spec Ops missions in first Content Collection were exciting, varied, and perfectly paced. The two on offer here are a real let-down. Driving a tank in Iron Clad might sound cool, but the reality is a depressing reminder of Call of Duty's tendency to rely on stock ideas instead of innovating. Kill Switch feels clichéd too, but the execution is much better, with one man providing sniper support while a buddy below soldiers through to try and set off an EMP blast. It's this weaker Spec Ops offering which lets the package down, but fans will still be trigger-happy.

The verdict

Five great maps and two naff missions

  • Face Off maps are great for split-screen
  • Maps are influenced by a variety of CoD games
  • We want to live in the Getaway house
  • New Spec Ops stuff is weak
  • Foundation feels a bit out of place
Xbox 360
Infinity Ward
First Person Shooter