Watch Dogs multiplayer will tie in with SmartGlass-style mobile gameplay

Mobile will allow "progression", unique optional features

Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay has revealed that Ubisoft Montreal wants to get mobile gamers and living room gamers playing together via the new game's yet to be divulged network features.

A fascinating new IP from the talent behind Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs stars Aidan Pearce, a cyber vigilante who manipulates the digital infrastructure of modern-day Chicago using a tricked-out smartphone. You'll be able to scan mobile phones for medical records, freeze traffic lights and take control of surveillance cameras, among many other things. Read our feature Watch Dogs gameplay: getting under Ubisoft's skin for more.

Ubisoft's E3 conference demo ended by hinting at online features, the camera pulling back to reveal a number of other characters spying on Pearce. The game may call on SmartGlass-style app functionality. "I can't go into details, but what we want to do is extend the game world, so it's the same game world," Guay told OXM at E3 last week. "So if your friends are in Watch Dogs you're able to connect with them through the mobile."


"We want to have gameplay that's in the mobile, so you don't have to own the mobile - but if you want to do it, you're going to have specific gameplay that is connected to your progression and to your control of the city that you start building in the living room version, if you want.

"We also want you to be able to connect with your friends playing in their living room, and have gameplay together. We want to have both of those things."

"That's definitely stuff we want to do," he went on. "The plot is that every thing is connected and connection is power, so for us we're working really hard to mesh all the players of Watch Dogs together."

Discussing Microsoft's focus on mobile and tablet at its own conference - hours before Ubisoft's - Guay commented: "It's a coincidence, but it's more than a coincidence because a lot of people now are using that type of interface, it's something that's really promising.

"So that's where it's a coincidence, but I think it's quite interesting that a lot of people have the same idea. That typically means that it's a good one! For us we're focusing on the content now, so that's going to work on whatever hardware is best for the content."

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