New Crysis 3 gameplay footage: this could be as good as a 360 game will ever look

(Nano)suit up again next February

Crysis 3 has never looked more enticing. EA showed off a nicely destructive piece of new gameplay footage during its conference yesterday, packed to the Nano-gills with all sorts of superhuman murder, seamless set pieces and more arrow kills than you could shake a dodgy knee meme at.

Crytek founder Cevat Yerli talked a little more about the general shape of Crysis 3, describing how the game's seven distinct areas come together to create an "urban rainforest" beneath the a futuristic New York's Nanodome. He also narrowed down the release date to February 2013.


Predictably, Crysis 3 looks absolutely beautiful, with Crytek careful to show off as many different visual effects as possible. Dynamic water movement, indoor and outdoor lighting and, of course, hundreds of explosions will push phenomenal CryEngine3 to its limit.

We would've liked to have seen more of the feted sandbox elements that Crytek has touted elsewhere, but the straightforward playthrough was more than enough to whet our appetite for a return to what Yerli is calling the "pinnacle of the Crysis franchise." We reckon it could be the pinnacle of Xbox 360 graphics, too.

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