Halo 4 screens: Promethean Knights, Sticky Launcher and Forerunner Scattershot

Brand new enemies deserve brand new guns

Microsoft has released renders and blurbs for the new Halo 4 guns and enemies from last night's E3 demo. Those weird bestial/feudal robot creatures now have backstories - they're the work of the Prometheans, a renegade Forerunner sect, equipped with all manner of fancy gadgetry. Just as well you've got some fancy gadgets of your own to wield against them.

Among the new weapons is the Sticky Launcher, a rather self-explanatory handgun that seems comparable to Halo: Reach's Plasma Launcher. There's also the Covenant Storm Rifle - a rapidfire affair, presumably - and the Forerunner Scattershot, a shotgun which hits like a supernova. Read on for details of the new enemy types:


The impressively armed Forerunner machines known as Crawlers represent the most extensive and abundant native enemy on Requiem. Capable of both close-quarters and long-range combat, Crawlers are aggressive quadrupeds, explicitly engineered to ferociously hunt down and eliminate any foreign threats. It is not uncommon to encounter Crawlers in substantial numbers, as most travel in large packs and work together in strategic coordination to bring down enemies by overwhelming them from every conceivable angle.

As the large, flying sentinels of Requiem known as Watchers are typically deployed from the armored carapace of their Knight commanders and exist to provide strategic aerial combat. Hovering high above the battlefield, Watchers not only heal and augment damaged allies but also catch and return incoming ordnance, such as grenades, using a gravity-displacement beam. Their existence serves to frustrate all opposition, often forcing enemies to engage them directly before dealing with other more immediate Forerunner units.

Promethean Knights
Residents of the artificial world of Requiem, Promethean Knights represent the central occupying enemy force, legions of extremely capable combatants with both ancient and mysterious origins. While these Prometheans are significantly different from the legendary Forerunner Warrior-Servants of ages past, these Knights are no less harrowing. They are fully weaponized, heavily armored bipedal warriors, easily capable of engaging and terminating perceived threats in almost all environments. They are truly lethal creatures, taken lightly only at one's peril.