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Far Cry 3 gets four-player co-op campaign

New storyline separate to main event

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 3 will feature a separate four-player co-op campaign alongside the main single-player story.

It sounds not unlike the separate co-op included with Splinter Cell: Conviction, only with less angry spies in rubber and more drug-addled people on a tropical island.

The mode's been developed by Massive Entertainment, the Swedish developer who previously worked on strategy games before Ubisoft bought them up a few years back. A mission was shown at tonight's Sony press conference, in which one player had to carry a bomb to blow up a bridge while the other three protected them.

The mission started stealthily, giving time to coordinate an attack on a group of enemies, but once battle was begun it all kicked off. We've already been impressed by the game's take on action, check out our last Far Cry 3 preview for details.