A new nightmare: Remedy registers

Will Alan Wake 2 be shown at Microsoft's E3 conference?

It's all-but-official, chaps and chappettes: Remedy's at work on Alan Wake 2. Mere hours before Microsoft's E3 conference, the Finnish developer has updated the domain name "".

First registered in 2005, presumably as a straightforward "land grab" against the possibility of a sequel, the domain doesn't resolve to a website at the time of writing. If your hobbies and interests include "getting the wee scared out of me by light-fearing phantoms", however, you may want to keep an eye on it. Clearly, Doings are Afoot.


Remedy began hiring for a "ground-breaking AAA console project" using the Alan Wake engine in January. In March, the studio announced work on "future generation console" games.

Head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen reckons that the episodic format adopted by Alan Wake's American Nightmare is "the right direction" for Remedy.

Here are the registration details in full. Thanks, NeoGAF and OnlySP.

Remedy Entertainment, Ltd
Paivantaite 8
ESPOO, FIN 02210
Domain Name: ALANWAKE2.COM
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Remedy Entertainment, Ltd markus @REMEDY.FI
Paivantaite 8
ESPOO, FIN 02210
+358943550411 fax: +358943550444
Record expires on 28-Dec-2013.
Record created on 28-Dec-2005.
Database last updated on 3-Jun-2012 12:38:40 EDT.