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Batman: Arkham City - Harley's Revenge

Robin finally takes flight on his own

All too often there's a noticeable drop in quality when post-release DLC swings around. With the main development team usually busy on the next big project, it's always left to a small team with limited resources, and the resulting add-on is usually similarly limited in scale and ambition.

With Harley Quinn's Revenge - a more linear epilogue to the main game - the transition is virtually seamless. Voice actors have returned, there's a new chunk of plot that'll last you a good couple of hours, and the ability to take Robin, previously a challenge room favourite, out on manoeuvres in the now inoperative Arkham City super-prison is the biggest draw.

Getting to grips with the Boy Wonder, who is playable in two of the four chapters, is a lightly refreshing challenge for those already comfortable with Bats' skills. As with Brucie, he has a selection of gadgetry that does double duty as combat and navigational gear. A retractable shield in his trademark staff, for example, allows you to absorb a limited amount of bullet damage - handy both during firefights and when sneaking past mounted guns and environmental hazards.


Naturally, if you already picked up Robin's challenge room-oriented DLC, you'll be familiar with the new animations and equipment on offer. Familiarity will be useful, too, because this DLC pulls no punches. From the outset you're launched into huge punch ups and, while there are some light navigational puzzles, the emphasis is very much on thumping the huge numbers of armed goons that Arkham City is capable of presenting to you.

If it's been a while since you last danced with a knife-wielding meathead in the pale moonlight, you'll probably end up crumpled in a heap at least a few times over the course of the two or so hours it'll take to complete. Harley Quinn's Revenge is by far the most substantial DLC for the game yet released and anyone hungry for more Arkham-brand storytelling will positively hoover it up.

While there isn't quite the same level of incidental detail as the main game, it still feels just as polished and involving as the rest of Arkham City. The lure of more from Batman, his friends and one of his most entertaining enemies - even if only a couple of hours - is very strong indeed.

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The Batman: Arkham City Harley's Revenge DLC is out now on Xbox Live for 800 MP.

The verdict

Modest quantity but premium quality

Xbox 360
Rocksteady Studios
Warner Bros.
Action, Adventure, Beat 'em Up