Infinity Ward's Xbox 720 Modern Warfare may use Unreal Engine 4, offer Battlefield-style destruction

Expect "large complex destruction sequence simulations" among other things

Sick of "developer hiring for next generation game project" headlines yet? I sincerely hope not, because we're barely below the tip of this particular iceberg. The latest studio to give the game(s) away is Modern Warfare household Infinity Ward, whose unannounced next generation project may call on Epic's Unreal Engine.

Besides a senior network engineer "to design and implement high level network code for an exciting unannounced title for next generation console systems", the Activision-owned firm is on the lookout for a senior technical animator whose responsibilities include "working with 3rd party software for viewing and effecting Maya animations in the game engine (i.e. Unreal)".

Infinity Ward also has an eye out for a technical visual effects artist "to help raise the bar for visual effects on current and next generation hardware". Said artist will "focus on large complex destruction sequence simulations and making worlds that are more alive, animated and interactive." How very Frostbitey of you, Modern Warfare. Among the latter's focal areas are "wildlife", "animated environment elements like blowing cloth, foliage" and "destructibles".


A senior gameplay engineer with a taste for shooters, a senior environment artist (for "next-gen textures") and an environment art intern are also sought. They're going large on this one. It must be a Call of Duty game or something.

Thoughts? Epic's upcoming Unreal Engine 4 is shaping up to be a regular behemoth, both more powerful and easier to use than existing game engines - head over here for screens and details of a recent "Dark Knight" tech demo.

The Gears developer's technology whiz Tim Sweeney had this to say about the new Unreal Engine's practicability: "Call of Duty was a game that a team of a few dozen could develop on PlayStation. Now Activision has hundreds of people working on Call of Duty for the current-gen consoles. What's supposed to happen in the next generation? Are they going to have 4,000 people?"

We'll see.