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Splinter Cell 6 and beyond: five ways to save the stealth game

Fishing for hits

This was going to be a feature about how to make the stealth game mainstream-friendly, but in the nick of time, I had two Profound Realisations: (1) screw you, lowest common denominator thinking, and (2) there's no way in hell the stealth game will ever be mainstream-friendly.

Most people don't have the patience and, more importantly, that faintly worrying strain of sadism to hack a true-blue sneak 'em up, not when they could be making footballers love-wrestle or driving tanks into the sea. To those of us who do have these qualities - those of us who lament the way stealth has become the action game's second choice of pace-changer after turret sequences - I say: welcome. Consider this article the verbal equivalent of Sam Fisher's doing-the-splits hallway move, a refuge from the eyes of laymen. Don't worry, my groin can take it.

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