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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

Back once again with the quill behaviour

Of all the extended Sonic characters we're happy to welcome back, Tails is top of the extremely short list. He's just a decent chap. Bit sappy, maybe, but with a solid grounding in engineer work, he's got none of that ridiculous attitude that stinks up the Sonic brand. Rather than making this a simple keep-up sprint through the three new zones, Sonic can team up with Tails to perform combo moves.

Either player can press X in mid-air to combine into a Tails controlled helicopter, making the Tails role marginally more fun than Sonic himself. This is extremely useful, when you're about to drop into one of those annoying instadeath pits. Press X on the ground, and you'll grab each others' ankles and roll around together. Less useful, maybe - especially considering that you can't change direction - and pressing X on the ground instead of in the air might send you hurtling into that pit you intended to fly over.

Christmas has come early to Sonicland, apparently.

But after the juddering graphical beast that was Generations, Episode 2 is a return to the full frame rate, and it plays much more happily as a result. With three new worlds and nine new levels, the comparative ease is balanced by the time trials and perfection-hunting leaderboards.

Forget the terrible boss battles - it is written into the atoms of the universe that Sonic boss battles will always suck harder than a Dyson vacuum cleaner trying to take in a plate of spaghetti. It's a smooth, slippery Sonic that takes another step away from it's single-button origins without losing any of the hog essense. With local and online co-op, it offers just enough entertainment to justify its steep episodic price.

Buy the thing here for 1200 MP.

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