Nine secret Xbox 360 games we're dying to hear about

Fable 4, Bungie's latest, Dead Rising 3 and more

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2. Weird Eidos Montreal IP
This one surfaced only this morning, care of Siliconera. It's one of the weirder rumour stories with come across - an insider's account of a cutscene featuring the title's three main characters. The Hero is a chap with a "troubled past" who fights using a sword and shield, and he's trying to save a woman called "Nova" by obtaining the services of the "Architect". Little does the Hero know that he's actually an individual of great mystical power - the "Navigator". There's also a calculating femme fatale known as the "Mercenary", who fancies the Hero's socks off. All this occurs on/inside/under barren landscapes, towers, a "colourful night sky". It doesn't sound like Hitman - Agent 47 meets medieval combat, anybody? - but this could be an excerpt from Eidos Montreal's long-awaited Thief 4.
Leaked Thief 4 storyboards. Looks grim in there.
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