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XCOM fans aren't giving the XCOM shooter "a fair shake", says Enemy Unknown dev

"I think it's cool that this classic franchise is getting such attention"

In the year two thousand and ten, 2K Games didst unveil unto the world a new XCOM title at the sacred Expo of Electronic Entertainment, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, for the new XCOM title resembled not the strategy game of yore.

Ye, 'twas a first-person shooter from the people who didst developeth Bioshock. "What wickedness hast thou wrought, heathen?" cried the Fans of MicroProse. "Dost thou sincerely think we art fooled by thy talk of 'strategic elements' and 'staying true to the spirit of the franchise'? Thou hadst blasphemed against our Godhead. All doors shall be closed against you, now and forever more."


But then 2K didst announce another XCOM title, and lo - 'twas the very card and calendar of the original XCOM, arrayed in the holy mantle of Modern Three-Dimensional Graphics. And there was a great rejoicing, ye, and a great clattering of keyboards, ye, and a mighty perusing of concept artworks.

But there came a man called Pete Murray, the game's Associate Producer, and he spake sternly unto the masses for their fickleness, saying "I think a lot of people didn't give the concept of the shooter a fair shake. They're taking the emotional resonance of it and they're doing something different with it.

"The fact that it has the same name as the strategy game is just their callback to the heritage and the feeling they want to generate. I think people basically saw 'XCOM' and 'shooter' and weren't willing to say to themselves "Okay, that's interesting - why? What's the rationale behind it?"

"I think by the same token we're very happy that people are excited to see an XCOM strategy game. We're very dedicated to making a game that's faithful to that original experience, without being a complete copy of it. I think it's cool that this classic franchise is getting such attention, being brought forward in a major way. I think it's very cool that there's a lot of support for that.

"I think there's room in the universe for both. I think it's a case of people just wanting to have a good time when they sit down and play a video game, and I think that there's two XCOM experiences that are going to be able to provide that for them. And we want to do our job and make sure the strategy game is as good as we can make it."

Thanks, Games.On.Net.