Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer: what it's like to play an Alien

"What can a marine do in close quarters to ward off an alien attack? Pray!"

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer producer Chris Brock has stepped forward with details of how Xenomorphs handle in the game's mostly undivulged online component. There will be face-murdering, lots of it. Often from above.

"Xenomorphs are obviously much more agile than their human counterparts, so they're very quick and have the ability to maneuver about on walls and ceilings," Brock began. "As you've seen before, every part of a xenomorph is dangerous, from their claws and tails to their 'little mouths' and acidic blood. They have a wide variety of ways to attack the marines." Do tell, Brock. Do tell.


"Xenos can kill humans in many ways," he went on. "What can a marine do in close quarters to ward off an alien attack? Pray! In all seriousness, a marine's best bet is to stay with other marines and cover each other."

Colonial Marines isn't the first Alien title to give you control of an Alien - Rebellion's legendary Aliens vs Predator series on PC kicked in that particular air vent. Batting for the xeno team was, I recall, chiefly a matter of working out where the ground was. Gearbox is aiming for something a tad more user-friendly.

"We feel it's key to keep the xenomorph player's perspective in third person," Brock explained. "Xenos have to be sneaky and agile, so the wall and ceiling climbing is a necessity. That said, playing in that style, in first person, can be quite disorienting."

Gearbox is only discussing one multiplayer mode at present, but there's talk of point capture shenanigans down the line. "We've only announced and shown Team Deathmatch at this time, but there are additional modes that we'll be showing before too long. These modes are more objective based and we can't wait to put them out in front of people. As far as player counts go, we're still testing out what feels right on a per-mode basis."

Here are some suggestions, Gearbox: "Find the Newt", "Queen of the Hill" and "Harsh Language" (a mode which limits the marine side to shotguns and flamethrowers). For more on Gearbox's nuke-from-orbit 'em up, read our feature Aliens: Colonial Marines: everything you need to know.

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