Minecraft on Xbox 360: four player splitscreen chaos

Matt, Log, Ed and Jonty wage war over Edland

This just keeps getting better. First Matt nicks my Minecraft Xbox 360 build in order to craft chirpy Minecraft video tutorials. Then he invades my Minecraft world, nicks all my stuff (including the famous Epileptic Pig Saddle of Babylon), buries it and leaves me high and dry on a massive floating pillar of earth.

Finally, he shows up with Log and Jonty while I'm actually playing the game and demands a co-op session. I'd have refused, but Log threatened to scream, tear all his clothes off and roll on the ground. That's his answer to everything. Sigh.


The ensuing four-way craft 'em up lasted two whole hours. Oceans were swum. Lava flows were danced on. Underground lakes were discovered and drunk. Pig seduction facilities were laboriously constructed. Literally everything I've ever owned was taken and dropped everywhere. The video below is the result of judicious editing. Enjoy.

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