The OXM Breakdown: Mass Effect 3

Gay sex and change-the-ending edition

As Hitler discovered roundabouts, oh, February 1943, it's seldom a good idea to pick fights with two or more groups at once. Sadly, nobody told Log this before he started making the latest OXM Breakdown, in which gauntlets are thrown at both people who think Mass Effect 3's gay sex scenes are wrong and people who think BioWare should release a new Mass Effect 3 ending.


Somewhere along the line, Sine Mora got caught up in the fuss and became, as near as we can deduce, a core component of Log's psyche. Enjoy with care. The next instalment of the OXM Breakdown hits Xbox Live on Monday 28th May. Why not revisit the last one, in which deeply upsetting things are said about Final Fantasy XIII-2?

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