Black Ops 2 Zombies: six things we desperately want

Brains aren't just for eating

After much internet-based chin-stroking over leaked retailer materials and viral teasers, Activision has confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for November release, a near-future take on the Cold War starring a four-engined helicopter thingy. Oh, and David Mason, son of Alex "the NUMBERS" Mason.

Treyarch's already told us many a thing about Black Ops 2's gameplay, story, characters and setting, but the studio has yet to reveal much on multiplayer, including Black Ops 2's all-new Zombies Mode. Some shady type flew in a Care Package of strictly unconfirmed multiplayer information in March, throwing around such hype-inducing terminology as "Elite 2.0" and "Perks 2.0" along with contentious minutiae like "one bullet in the foot will no longer kill a person, a head or chest shot is usually required".

Not bad, Unconfirmed Leak Person, but there's not nearly enough rotten brain matter in there for our liking. Here's how Treyarch could go about rebooting Zombies Mode beyond raising the headcount and expanding the maps.

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