Fable "could make a fantastic RTS or Sim City style game" - Lionhead designer

"It can be anything you want it to be"

Fable's good for more than third- or first-person action shenanigans, according to Fable Heroes lead designer Ted Timmins. The universe could support a wide range of game types.

"The great thing about Albion, the part that I love so much about Fable, is that it can anything anyone wants it to be," Timmins told OXM last week, shortly before release of XBLA co-op adventure Fable Heroes. "It would make great other games, I'm sure of it.

"I don't want to give a headline, because I'm just pulling out ideas, but it could make a fantastic RTS or Sim City-style game - it's just such a rich world with so many features." Sorry Ted. I couldn't resist. The idea of a Fable game in which you unleash wildfires and Godzilla plagues on the people of Bowerstone yanks all my cranks, so to speak.


"The great thing about Fable has always been that it's the sum of all its parts," Timmins went on. "You have the simulation, the combat, the story and you could pretty much take any of those and extrapolate them out. We decided to take the combat side and the feel of Albion and turn it into a four player hack-and-slash. It can be anything you want it to be."

Timmins was unwilling to comment much on how Lionhead and Fable might change following founder Peter Molyneux's departure, but he did reveal that Lionhead intends to keep experimenting. "Obviously, when someone of Peter's stature leaves there's always going to be a reshuffle as we work out what the next steps are, but as I said we want to create great games and whether that's a Fable game or a new one I can't say.

"What I love so much about Lionhead is that we have creative days where anything can come out. Fable Heroes came out of one last year and who knows what's going to come out this year?"

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