Pimp My Ride

Whore out my horse didn't sound quite so good, eh? Actually, hang on. Yes it does. It's better!

How to make Grill feel depressed. Inform him that Mr X-biscuit (Xzibit! - Ed) of MTV fame presents a voyeuristically-humorous show where a group of pro-active musicians with an engineering bent take beat-up old jalopies and turn them into works of art to challenge that of Mondrian or Duchamp (sarcasm). Then inform him that they've made a game of this.

Pimp My Ride isn't entirely without merit. There's a definite sense of humour to the game, carried over from the show, mostly expressed through the upgrades you can buy for the cars you have to pimp. So the first contestant is a white trash wannabe model, so you can stick a giant sewing machine or retractable catwalk with laser floor show on the back. Conceptually, that could be mildly funny, if it were well-acted and scripted, or if the implementation made any difference to the game.


Unfortunately, it doesn't. Unfortunately, you spend most of the game driving around or doing rhythm-action stuff. This is unfortunate because the driving is rubbish and silly, just a means to get from one end of the tiny world to the other. The rhythm-action sections happen when you're upgrading your car, pimping it to the crowd of Pimp City or "Ghost Riding the Whip", where your car rolls along really slowly and you do some rubbish dancing alongside it.

The models, the engine, the storyline (what storyline?) are rubbish, last generation nonsense. There is no replay value here, whatsoever. There's no multiplayer, nor even an inkling the developer thought of going any further beyond the limits of what they had to do. It looks like it's been lazily ported from the PS2 because, frankly, it has. I've yawned so much playing this, I've pulled muscles in my jaw. And, bluntly, we're being kind.

The verdict

Needs modification and a full refit.

  • A rough sense of humour
  • Limited, crap driving
  • A tiny area to roam
  • A range of naff cars
Xbox 360
Racing / Driving, Puzzle