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FIFA 12 UEFA Euro 2012

EA in sensible spin-off shocker

For nearly a decade and a half, EA has supplemented its annual FIFA games with biannual spin-offs based on the World Cup and European Championships. Perhaps sensing a bit of backlash having only released FIFA Street a month ago, the publisher has wisely decided to make Euro 2012 a DLC add-on to FIFA 12. It's a shrewd move - after all, when a game's based on a tournament that only takes six matches to win, it makes sense to release it as DLC rather than a full-price game that will only fill pre-owned shelves a week after the tournament ends.

Everything you'd expect is present and accounted for here - the full Euro 2012 tournament with all 16 national teams in the official groups, as well as the ability to play as any of the 37 other teams who bottled it and didn't qualify. All the official shirts, stadia, sponsors and the like are in there, and you can take part in an online tournament if you fancy the extra drama of playing human opponents.


Also packed in are a scenario mode much like that in FIFA 12 (which still adds to your XP in FIFA 12's Football Club mode) and Expedition, the main single-player mode that sees you travelling Europe and beating all 53 UEFA teams three times each to take their players and build the ultimate dream team.

As you were
That's more or less all you're getting from your £15, however. The actual gameplay remains more or less unchanged, which is something of a disappointment. In the past, hardcore FIFA fans looked forward to playing the 'event' games because they offered sneak peeks of how the gameplay engine was being tweaked and improved for the next main FIFA game. But since this is just a FIFA 12 expansion there are no changes to be found.

What's more, while the Expedition mode is a fun enough diversion for a while, ultimately the task of playing 159 single-player matches becomes a bit of a grind. Perhaps if you were able to take your dream team online afterward to play against others online (as a sort of Euro 2012 version of FIFA Ultimate Team) there'd be a bit of extra motivation to complete it, but as it is you're likely to be bored before you complete the mode.

There's still enough content in here to keep FIFA fans happy until the tournament ends, but not much to keep your interest for much longer than that. Had this been a £39.99 retail game like 2010 FIFA World Cup was then we'd be coughing "rip-off" under our breaths, but kudos to EA for giving UEFA Euro 2012 a price tag that reflects its likely lifespan.

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Not essential, but should excite FIFA fans

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