Molyneux: "I don't know if I can make another controller game"

"It just feels so old school," says former Lionhead boss

Remember when Peter Molyneux - formerly of Microsoft Games Studios, now of independent developer 22Cans - told Edge that, due to the highly focused design of the Xbox 360 controller, "every experience on Xbox is the same"? He's got a few additional thoughts on that.

"Here's what I really truly believe, and I shouldn't say this because I'm going to get in trouble," Molyneux told OXM during a GDC presentation of Fable: The Journey, his final project for both Microsoft and developer Lionhead. "I just don't know if I can go back and do another controller-based game. I don't really know if I can, because it just feels so old school."


"It really does when you've got things like this stuff around, and you've got Kinect and all sorts of exciting stuff. Going back to that very constrained controller; I'm not sure I will want to.

"Now saying that, I'm sure that won't be true," he went on. "But it does feel like when you've experimented so much with so many interesting things and then have to take a step backwards again - I don't know, it just feels odd.

"I think that controllers are more and more - we have discovered the genres that work well are first-person shooters, and that's all. It's true, where have the real-time strategy games gone? The simulation games? Controllers are brilliant for doing first-person shooters. That's it."

But what about fascinating, unique games like Dark Souls, Peter? Aren't they evidence that controllers have plenty to give?

"Where are the new genres, then? Where are they all coming from? This is what I mean when I talk about controllers. They are so well designed to solve one particular problem particularly well, but they're not great for experimenting with new stuff.

"And when you've got most of the world not using controllers, but using tablets like the iPad, using Kinect, stuff like that, you realise that it is a very well-designed, well constructed box, but it is just a box. I'm very switched onto this new interface stuff."

I made much the same case in a recent blog post, calling for Xbox 720 to drop the Xbox 360 pad design. See, the big kids agree with me. But what do you think?

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