Modern Warfare 3 studio: there's no such thing as a lazy developer

"Game developers are some of the hardest working people I've ever known"

The term "lazy dev" gets a distressing amount of use. Loading screens a bit longer than you're happy with? Lazy devs! No splitscreen option? Lazy devs!

Sledgehammer Games' Michael Condrey is, understandably, a little bit miffed about this. "In all honesty, game developers are some of the hardest working people I've ever known," he told in an interview. "My entire career has been one great opportunity to the next without much rest. Whether that's changing franchises or in the same franchise, it's the one thing that gets overlooked sometimes.


"It's just how much passion and hard work developers put into doing something they believe in. You see it sometimes through all the social channels, and you'll get vocal minorities who are really critical. I'm all for constructive feedback, but if they walked a mile in the shoes of a developer or knew how hard they worked..."

Developers are working harder now than ever, apparently, thanks to the market's ever-growing taste for downloadable content, game updates and community management. Activision's strategy of having multiple teams collaborate on the same project is paying dividends.

"It does demand a different level of dedication," said Condrey. "But I can tell you that the teams are working as hard as they've ever worked to do those things, to get the updates out, to make sure the tuning is right and to offer a compelling DLC.

"It definitely changes how you approach it and I think that's why the collaborative studio model works. For a team to deliver something as big as MW3, it is draining, absolutely. To think that that same team can immediately just jump straight into post-ship support and patches and DLC, that is not sustainable.

"You cannot burn a team for that hard for that long, and so for teams to go and new teams to come in and add new ideas and bounce ideas, to be able to spread that across Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Raven is a win for studio and the fans."

Sledgehammer and its cohorts are apparently looking into the possibility of Modern Warfare 3 story DLC. Fans are planning a global black-out tomorrow over "broken promises".