Eidos: Thief 4 will "bring more than just stealth"

Eidos Montreal approaching Thief sequel as they did Deus Ex

Thief might be the archetypal first-person sneaky bastard game, but under Eidos Montreal's direction, it won't just be about lingering in gloomy hallways with blackjack raised. Speaking to OXM at GDC, Eidos Montreal studio general manager Stephane D'Astous has shed a little bit of light (badumtish) on the project, which will "bring more than just stealth".

Eidos Montreal, of course, is the studio behind another high-profile Ye Olde PC Game reboot - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which bowled Mike over to the tune of 10/10 last year. According to D'Astous, the studio is approaching Thief similarly, balancing the need for original ideas with fidelity to the source material.

The Thief 4 team.

"We have more international staff working on Thief, which brings a great flavour to the game," D'Astous told us. "There are a lot of challenges to bringing back a great cult IP, but we consider it like a new IP and we are going to respect the spirit of the franchise like we did with Deus Ex.

"Deus Ex was the kick-start of this new series of great games, and Thief will be part of that, and Thief will be part of that. We don't want to deliver the same each time. Our mandate is to bring new stuff to the table; games that we'll be talking about for years."

Sadly, there's not much to talk about right now. Eidos and publisher Square Enix have kept their collective lips resolutely sealed on the subject of Garrett's further adventures. Alleged Thief 4 artworks surfaced in November, showing rainy stonework and what could be a magical amulet.

Then, in January, there was an unexpected flowering in the form of a collection of LinkedIn CVs. The highlights: Thief 4 is an Unreal Engine game and has an online mode.

Got time to write us a wishlist? I'll start things off: rope arrows.