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OXM Double Take: why Ninja Theory's camp Dante is nothing new

Matt's thoughts on the backlash

There's been upset over Devil May Cry's new look and feel for quite a while, but this week's clash was something else.

On Wednesday, the developer released a trailer in which a butt-naked Dante - described as a "sexual deviant" by a jowly news reporter - flies through an exploding house, manhood barely shielded by a spinning baseball bat.


Disgruntled fans were not amused, predictably, seeing this as yet another heretical step away from previous incarnations of the protagonist. If you're new to their arguments, the gist is that Dante 2.0 is too "girly" for comfort - too flamboyant, too lacking in manly reserve. You'd never catch the old, respectable Dante disgracing himself in public, goes the refrain. All this wanger-waving is a slap to History's face.

Got that down? Here's why you should immediately dismiss it. Matt's also a Devil May Cry fan, see, and he recalls things differently. Give the latest OXM Double Take a watch. We reckon it's about time the haters buried the hatchet.

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If you still disagree, feel free to drop us a message below. We'd prefer it if you spared us the death threats, but if you really feel the need we'll have one of those comic books, please.