Halo 4 gameplay: "Master Chief can parkour with the best of them"

343 may learn lessons from Brink

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor has suggested that Halo 4 may (emphasis on the "may") approach first-person movement in a manner similar to Splash Damage's Brink, in which players could wall-jump and slide through gaps parkour-style.

Speaking to OXM at a preview event, O'Connor discussed how the new Halo's revamped audio would better express the physicality of Master Chief's legendary MJOLNIR armour, with a range of sound effects to convey its bulk and power.

Asked whether Halo 4 might follow in Brink's slipshod footsteps, establishing a more tangible relation between character and environment, O'Connor offered: "It's actually a combination of those things. Think about Incredible Hulk-like mass and... I'm trying to think of a mid-range, agile superhero to finish my metaphor.


"He's a very massy character, but he's also very dynamic, and flexible, and athletic and can parkour with the best of them. But that's not going to be how we explore that physicality necessarily.

"There's a lot of different ways to approach how Chief interacts with the environment. He's still going to do all the usual things, jumping while shooting for instance, but there are some clues about some of the things you'll see in the [Microsoft Spring Showcase trailer].

"It's one of the ways we want to keep surprising people throughout the series and the game."

We somehow doubt Master Chief will be wall-running in Halo 4, but a fluid animation suite coupled with denser environment interaction would compliment the game's more organic story direction. For more on the innovations, read our 11 things you need to know feature.

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