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Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 patch causes crashes, leaves face import bug intact

BioWare "investigating" complaints following title update

Mass Effect 3's new title update appears to have caused more problems than it solves, with widespread Xbox 360 crash reports following the file's release on Xbox Live yesterday.

The patch can cause the game to crash on loading or while attempting to contact EA's servers. It can also shut down your Xbox 360 completely.

"We are aware of the issues people are having when connecting to the EA Servers. We are currently investigating this," wrote BioWare's Thomas Abram on the developer's forums.

A ME1 vs ME3 comparison shot by BioWare forumite Doctor_Jackstraw.

Users are also still encountering issues with the game's face import software, supposedly addressed by the new patch. "I'm getting the same imported face as pre-patch, the wrong face," wrote BioWare forum user JFoul. "I haven't touched the story in this game yet, because it totally takes me out of the game when I use another Shepard. I wish Bioware would just come out and say they can't fix it 100%, instead of beating around the bush."

One of our Twitter followers, Christie360, has also had difficulties. "I just updated my copy of ME3 on 360 and I've lost all my DLC and 3754 kills," he Tweeted yesterday afternoon.

BioWare Social members have cooked up a possible workaround: restart your Xbox after downloading the patch, then clear the cache by heading to System, then Memory and pressing Y, insert Disc 1, load up the game and download the patch once more.

That's not a sanctioned solution, mind, so no guarantees if you're among those having difficulties. Let us know if you are.