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Crysis 3 boxart surfaces, shows bow and arrow

Nanosuited mag cover hints at Crytek reveal

What do patterns of stylish grey hexagons tell you? Nothing whatsoever, unless they're on a videogame magazine cover, accompanied by shots of bashed-up western cities. Say hello to what is very possibly Crysis 3, care of Gamereactor and NeoGAF.

Lest I be accused of insane speculation, Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer fame also reckons the hexagons point to a Crysis 3 reveal. They will doubt us, Wesley, but we shall stand together against the onslaught, Nanosuit Armor functions enabled. NO SURRENDER.

A straight shot of the cover, plus a Photoshopped variety to emphasise the pattern.

Crytek has yet to formally confirm work on a new Crysis title (though it has, apparently, begun hiring for the thing), devoting the bulk of press time instead to CryEngine 3's next-gen-defying capabilities.

What do you want from Crysis 3? I'd sure like a new Nanosuit mode.

UPDATE: Holy-moley. Crysis 3 boxart has shown up on EA Origin, care of DSOgaming. Check it out below. Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that is a bow and arrow. Squeee.