Lost Planet 3 revealed via leaked Capcom trailer, releasing 2013

Spark Unlimited to develop, giant mechs to punch giant crabs

Spark Unlimited's secret high-profile science fiction project is Lost Planet 3, a leaked Capcom trailer has confirmed. It's down for release in 2013.

The reveal was due to happen at 4pm today, but that wasn't soon enough for the official PlayStation Youtube channel. Eagle-eyed NeoGAFers spotted the breach and nabbed the footage for their own purposes. We've republished it below.

The trailer ticks most of the Lost Planet boxes: icy world, man with gun, giant robot, giant monster with glowy orange bits. There's no in-game action, alas. What do you reckon?

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Spark Unlimited was rumoured to be developing a new Battlefront game earlier this spring, with one LinkedIn posting alluding to a "third-person sword-fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3)". Is it possible they've got two big IPs on the boil?