Which of these long-lost franchises most deserves a sequel?

Poll: turn back the clock, reboot the classics

There are, at the last count, something in the region of three gajillion to the power of 14 videogame franchises that deserve a sequel or reboot. Unfortunately, that's considerably more than the games industry's wallet can support.

Agitating for the bold rebirth of one classic series, then, means agitating against a few others. There's only so much cash to spare. When push comes to shove, which IP deserves a second lease of life most? We've rounded up nine for you to choose between, with a view to writing features - some investigative, some merely wistful - about the top choices.

History abhors a paradox.

It's not a complete list, of course. If we've neglected your childhood joy, by all means let us know in the comments thread. Happy clicking.