New Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots: multiplayer, Smart Guns, androids

Well, bits of them. Thanks Gearbox.

Evidently worried that our latest Borderlands 2 feature isn't doing enough for its online cred, Gearbox Software has fired over new Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots and artworks.

They show the inside of the USS Sulaco, the starship on which much of the game takes place, and also the insides of an unknown android. See that splash of white down right? Yep, somebody must have challenged an Alien Queen to an arm wrestle.


What happens on the USS Sulaco? Dude, the real question is what doesn't happen on the USS Sulaco, and I will now tell you what doesn't happen on the USS Sulaco: afternoon walks, knitting classes and the peaceable resolution of long-standing racial differences. There are Aliens aboard, and they will eat your face unless you deprive them of their face-eating apparata via the swift application of honking great guns.

Among the said honking great guns are the classic marine rifle, with its iconic LED ammo read-out, and the too-clever-by-half Smart Gun, which takes care of the aiming for you. Fun fact: one of these screens is from the multiplayer mode. See if you can guess which one.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out this autumn, following delays. Read our last preview for thoughts on the plot, core mechanics and Gearbox's handling of the Aliens universe.