Video: Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Xbox 360 gameplay rocks up online

Leaked 2008 footage from Free Radical's long-lost threequel

We're going to write something about Star Wars: Battlefront 3 today. Something featurey. Handily, a citizen of the internet has just posted off-screen footage of a pre-alpha build in action on Xbox 360.

Battlefront 3 was in development at Free Radical till the Timesplitters studio went bust over Christmas 2008, to be rescued by Crysis outfit Crytek. We've heard little about it since, though word on the street is that there's a new version in the works at Sparks Unlimited.


Artwork for a Hoth level featuring Luke Skywalker was recently discovered on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disc, of all places. I've reposted a few for your keen-eyed scrutiny.

All this confirms nothing, of course, but where there's smoke there's generally fire. We're going in full throttle. Cheers, VG247.

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