"Halo Infinity", "Spartan Ops" domains hint at new Halo 4 multiplayer features

343 Industries taking us to infinity and beyond?

A number of new Halo-related domain names have been registered, pointing to what could be Halo 4 multiplayer modes or features. One clutch of sign-ups refers to "Spartan Ops", another targets "Halo Infinity". Keep an eye on your radar, Chief.

"", "" and "" are among the registrations taken out this week through the MarkMonitor service, as reported by Fusible. Microsoft hasn't been confirmed as the buyer, but the company has used MarkMonitor in the past. None of the domains resolve to a website at the time of writing.


Is there anything more to deduce from the domain names themselves? You bet. As chronicled in the Halo: Glasslands novel, Infinity is the name of an advanced human starship commissioned after the end of the Covenant war in 2553. It's kitted out with all sorts of Covenant and Forerunner tech, and was constructed in total secrecy. Spartan IVs were assigned to the vessel during field trials.

Infinity is also the name of a multiplayer level exclusive to the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved, a long canyon map with a beam of death straight through the middle. We've attached a screenshot. Please ponder at length.

Known Halo 4 maps include Warhouse and Wraparound. The multiplayer will offer "gameplay-enhancing choices" which have been likened to Call of Duty's Perks.