New Batman: Arkham City DLC leaks, features Harley Quinn and Robin

Trophies point to story-driven add-on chapter

A new Batman: Arkham City DLC pack featuring Joker's fiesty groupie Harley Quinn is apparently in the works, with Robin appearing as a playable character.

We've got a bunch of leaked (hawk, spit) PlayStation trophies to thank for the news. Publisher Warner Brothers and developer Rocksteady have yet to comment.

The trophies point to a miniature campaign rather than more Challenge Rooms, with objectives like bomb defusal and sneakily entering a secret base. There's no word on whether you'll be able to play Harley herself, but we've got all spare appendages crossed.

Kissy kissy.

Warner has already released Batman Arkham City costume packs alongside Challenge Room sessions for Nightwing and Robin.

More as we get it. How are you feeling about Arkham City, in hindsight? I thought it got a bit messy and frantic in the last hour. Here's a (spoiler-heavy) dissection of the finale.