Capcom: DLC and locked disc content are "effectively" the same

On-disc DLC makes for "more flexible and efficient gameplay"

This isn't going to end well. Tackling complaints about hidden on-disc content in Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom has claimed that there's no practical difference between characters you pay to download and those you pay to unlock.

There are, at the time of writing, 12 additional Street Fighter and Tekken characters tucked away on the game disc. Hackers uncovered the goods not long after reviews went live last month.


"At Capcom, we value our customers and make every effort to resolve customer complaints," the firm wrote in response to one disgruntled fan (via CinemaBlend). "We are sorry to hear that [censored] was so disappointed with the Street Fighter x Tekken game (''SFxT''), and would like to respond to his complaints.

"SFxT has an enormous amount of content, fully developed and available for play and enjoyment immediately on-disc. Given the 38 characters available for full play, as well as multiple play modes, SFxT provides great value for all players from day one.

"While Capcom is sorry that some of its fans are not happy about the chosen method of delivery for the DLC, we believe that this method will provide more flexible and efficient gameplay throughout the game's lifecycle.

"There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being 'locked' behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism.

"We hope that this addresses [censored]' concerns."

In fairness they have a point, though it could stand a bit of elaborating. Under the terms of most game user license agreements, you don't strictly "own" anything on a game disc - you're just buying access to whatever the publisher says you can access. Thus, the end result is the same where "on-disc DLC" and DLC are concerned: you're paying to unlock content.

On the other hand, explicitly conflating downloadable with non-downloadable content (a) sounds a bit thick, and (b) sets a risky precedent. And that's without mentioning Street Fighter X Tekken's local co-op functionality, advertised to Xbox 360 players but never actually included. Can we have some free DLC on that front, Capcom? As in, the real McCoy?

Capcom's other defence for storing post-release content on-disc is that otherwise, you'd be unable to battle those who've bought the goods without first downloading temporary versions of the new costumes.

Assuming you're not weary of the DLC debate following the Mass Effect 3 debacle and this month's Hot Topic, what do you think?